If you are a former or current student interested in a letter of recommendation, please check out my guidelines.

I supervise graduate students working in critical disability studies, science and technology studies, and feminist theory, sex work, and gender. In the coming years I particularly welcome working with students who would like to research AIDS activism in Canada, queer disability studies, and contemporary racial formations.

At the undergrad level I teach classes in social theory, sex and sexuality, and power.

Current graduate student supervisions:

Danielle Normandeau, MA program

Nerissa Gailey, MA program

Sarah Rodimon, PhD program “We have the law, we need the access!”: Activism, identity and access to abortion services in New Brunswick

 Past supervisions:

Abigail Kidd, MA program “Challenging Categories: An Ethnography of Young Adults with Down Syndrome in a Community in Ontario”

Benjamin Todd, MA program “Negotiating Social Practices: The Role of Ubiquitous Computing In Students’ Lives”

Katherine Van Meyl, MA program “On the Seperation of Personal and Professional: Sex, Work, Law, the Girlfriend Experience, and the Interpersonal Relationships of Independent Escorts”

Louisa Hawkins, MA program “Thinking Through the Future of Care: Elder People’s Understandings of, and Feelings About, Robotic Interventions in Elder Care”

Priscillia Lefebvre, PhD program “Medicating the Crisis: Investigating the links between precarious employment, mental health issues, and the reliance on antidepressants as treatment”

Blake MacMillan, PhD program “All Sport is Adaptive Sport: Disability, the Sport System, and an Emerging Athletic Imaginary”

Current graduate committee memberships:

Ryan Couling

Lauren Montgomery

Kevin Partridge, PhD program “Secure in our masculinity? A phenomenological look at security workers in Ottawa”

Christine Pich, PhD program

Completed graduate committee memberships:

Anne Boulton, MA (Laurentian University) “Redefining a Cultural Legacy: Exploring the Transformative Power of Shame in the Writing of Zoë Wicomb”

Fiona Cheung, MA (York University) “Self-Disclosure: Mapping out Disability Identities and Experiences within the Chinese-Canadian Community”

Lindsey Mckay, PhD program “The Social Organization of Altruism”

Christine Schmidt, MA (Laurentian University) “Managing Prostitution: The Social Relations of ‘Help’”

Melinda Spry, MA program

Jenelle Williams, MA “Reading Lips: Exploring Emotive Responses to Labiaplasty”